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CCTV Home Surveillance System To Secure Your Home

Surveillance has been the need of the hour for many Goan homes, considering that burglaries have been on the rise each year and it is great way to keep your loved ones safe and secure. Home security units are available in the two major categories, one be CCTV cameras and the other being intrusion detection cameras.

CCTV cameras are available into two forms, one being a outdoor models and the other being indoor units. Intrusion detection systems are mainly motion detection sensors that sound off an alarm on sensing any movements in the areas they have been mounted. Security experts in Panjim Goa recommend that a combination of these two systems make a rock solid system in home security. If you are looking to purchase a security system for your home here is a video of the most important classifications of security cameras.

Benefits of installing a home security system

24 x 7 monitoring: the technology has made it highly convenient to keep your home and loved ones safe and secure around-the-clock as these devices are constantly surveilling the area.

Remote access to live feed: live feed captured from CCTV cameras can be accessed through a smartphone device from any location without being physically present on-site where the cameras are located.

Evidence gathering: footage gathered from CCTV cameras has been significant in identifying criminals and also in gathering evidence during any investigation playing a vital role in putting criminals behind bars.

One-time investment: having a security system in place is a whole lot cheaper than hiring security guards which works out to be very expensive. A set of 6 to 8 cameras along with a DVR unit will cost you around Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 60,000

Advanced technology: these cameras are capable of performing a host of functions with the help of modern technology that these devices are built with. Features such as motion detection capture, full HD capture, zero lighting capture with infrared LEDs etc.



Designing Spaces Like A Pro Does, A few pointer to get you started

Interior designing isn’t a tedious process if you are aware of  the guidelines used by design professionals of interior planning  that will help in better approaching any home decor activity you take up.  Keeping thse concepts in mind, it is easy to replicate these across any room in your home and achieve a balance in the decor with rather simple variations. These are pretty to implement, however what is really important is to be aware of how these can be applied while planning a decor scheme. Many professional designers in Mapusa Goa, begin with their projects applying these concepts in some way or the other and you can easily adopt these as well.

First, being aware of the architectural limitations of the room is essential when designing a decor scheme. This involves understanding how the placement of windows, doors, walls etc play in achieving the layout you desire.  Designs principles stress upon the use of natural and also artificial lighting, the utilisation and combinations of colour in the furniture, walls and decor elements, textures and patterns to create balance and harmony.  Create focal points to help draw the eyes attention is another aspect many designers use in the rooms decor.  Using repetition helps in creating a visual balance in the layout which is essential in bringing the layout together.  The theme or style you choose is important in setting the mood or the atmosphere for the room. This also can be achieved using artificial lighting and with the use of colors.

Planning to upgrade your kitchen? Here are a few pointers to get you started

The increasing of popularity of multiple homeowners  to get modular kitchen installations has been on the rise mainly due to the smaller space of real estate available in urban areas these installations are known to better utilize space.  Homeowners are presented with a numerous specifications, which are available in several affordable prices and designs to suite every personality. Vendors such as MKG Spaces based in Margao in South Goa, can further help in custom-made models that can be installed in any type of layouts.

With flexibility in customization one create a space that is individual to your tastes and with the proper planning  customers create a cooking space suitable for exclusively to the way you would like to prepare meals and how you like to function in the space. This involves positioning the kitchen work triangle in a manner that you find effective while you are preparing food.

It is always recommended to provision for a second work counter in the layout if the space permits, one placed around the sink area and the other for prep.For storage space it is essential to provision different size storage compartments to comfortably store larger vessels or dishes easily and also neatly be able to place smaller objects. Allow for natural light to enter the room as it helps in keep the room fresh and airy and also get rid of kitchen odours.  The artificial layout of the room also needs to planned right to avoid any shadows when cooking which can be eliminated with a several spot or task lights placed across the space.

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